5 Reasons Why The Best Travel Electric Toothbrush Is Essential To Any Adventurer

Family travel electric toothbrushWhen preparing for a trip, most people tend to pack up items that are not necessary and end up forgetting the small yet essential ones like a toothbrush, comb, etc. Such a situation leaves the person with no choice other than buying any available toothbrush from the nearest shop, which in most cases, it is usually manual. Manual toothbrushes are not the best when it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. In fact, dentists have been advocating for the use of electric toothbrushes over the manual ones. So, you can choose to avoid all this hassle by investing in a good travel electric toothbrush.

Just as the name suggests, the travel electric toothbrush is designed for travellers and comes with a travel case. Travel electric toothbrushes integrate features readily needed by people on the go. It becomes even easier to carry them along on your trips as they are packed separately in an included pouch, and so all you have to do is slide the pouch into your travel bag, and you are good to go.

You’ll run into hundreds of different problems while traveling, but one you can easily avoid is teeth trouble if you have the right portable electronic toothbrush. They should be one of the first things that goes into any smart travelers backpack, but if you’ve never been on a thrilling adventure before you might not know why. Let’s take a look at some of the things the best travel electric toothbrush should help you with, and we’ll also cover some of the top toothbrushes you should consider taking with you on the road.

How to choose travel electric toothbrush

There is a whole lot of travel electric toothbrushes models out there on the market. And I will be honest with you – getting the best one that suits your needs is a daunting experience. It’s not all about getting a toothbrush that’s good at fighting plague or one that’s an easy way to step up your general oral hygiene. It all comes down to the best travel electric toothbrush that satisfies you. So, before you can hurriedly pick one from hundreds of others in the brochure, consider the following factors.

  • Travelling case – This is more like a toothbrush pouch that helps you organize your toothbrush. A travelling case is a better option to wrapping a wet toothbrush in a plastic bag. It’s made of special material that protects your toothbrush and helps to keep it dry. High end electric toothbrushes have sleek and elegant travel cases that will make a bold fashion statement about you.
  • Battery life – A good travel electric toothbrush should be able to hold enough charge to last for at least a week. If you plan to go away for longer than three weeks, you can charge your battery at home and leave the charger there.
  • Voltage features – Buying a rechargeable electric toothbrush is one thing, and it’s another to determine the voltage facility. Most international power outlets will work with 240 v while the standard American sockets work with 110 v. It’s important to choose a travel electric toothbrush that is rechargeable on both 110 and 240 voltage without the need for a converter.
  • Size and Shape – Rechargeable electric toothbrushes come in various shapes and sizes, mainly influenced by the design of the charging port and add-ons like UV sanitizer. When in the market for one, choose the right size for your travel bag. A compact and slim toothbrush is preferred since it’s portable and will take up less space in your travel bag.

Killing All The Bacteria

You could find yourself in a random country with water so terrible it’s full of bacteria. Brushing your teeth with a normal toothbrush instead of a great travel electric toothbrush isn’t going to help you out. Take one look at the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus and you’ll see it will instantly solve your problems, because it’s designed with an ultraviolet brush-head that will wipe out 99% of all bacteria and viruses on the bristles. As well as being effective when you’re tending to your teeth with dirty water, it’s also great when you need to quickly throw your damp toothbrush into your backpack in case you miss your bus. Check Sonicare Flexcare Plus review on Tygiene.

Philips Sonicare HX6972 Flexcare Plus

Staying Away From The Dentist

Hopefully you’re able to complete your adventure without paying a visit to the dentist because it could be expensive, plus in certain countries around the world you have no idea how good they’ll be. A portable electronic toothbrush is much better than a normal one at helping you out, as some of them have features dedicated to doing more to protect your teeth. As an example, the Oral-B Professional Care 3000 toothbrush has a pressure sensor built into it, and a light will switch on if it feels you’re putting too much pressure on your teeth. Those little things will keep you out of the dental surgery. Check Oral-B Professional Care 3000 review on our site.

Oral-B Professional Care 3000 electric toothbrush

Save Room In Your Backpack

When you go traveling you’ll probably walk more than you ever have in your life, which means it’s good if you can do everything to lighten the load you’re carrying. Something as small as a box of floss might not weigh much, but if it means you need a bigger toiletry bag you could easily end up overloading it with extras you don’t need. It’s great if you can find things that will carry out more than one job, and the best travel electric toothbrush should be able to do so. The Oral-B Professional Care 5000 brush is impressive, because the Floss Action brush-head does away with the need to use floss. Check Oral-B Professional Care 5000 review on Tygiene.

Oral-B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000

It Should Be Easy To Charge Up

Thankfully all the respectable brands offering a portable electronic toothbrush know you don’t want to charge it up every night, so they usually have a great battery life. What they don’t all offer is the ability to charge your toothbrush up in the easiest way possible. You won’t be able to charge anything up in the middle of a jungle, but what about a train station with no available sockets? The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean brush comes with its own little USB charger travel bag, so you’ll be able to charge it whenever you have access to a computer. If there are no internet cafes around, you could even use your laptop. Check Philips Sonicare DiamondClean review on our site.

Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

Brushing Your Teeth Quickly

In the comfort of your own bathroom you can brush your teeth at your own leisure, but it’s sometimes different when you’re on the road. Do you really want to try balancing inside a cramped bus toilet in an effort to clean your teeth with a normal brush? There are certain times like the one mentioned when you’ll want to brush your teeth as quickly and effortlessly as possible, which is where the Violife Slim Sonic Toothbrush with its beautiful stripped design comes in handy. You get 22,000 brush strokes per minute, so you’ll be able to clean your teeth in less than half the time.

Stay Away From A Manual Brush

A manual brush can easily cause a lot of trouble, and you want your travels to be as enjoyable as possible. The only real way you’ll not have to worry about your teeth is by arming yourself with the best travel electric toothbrush available. When it’s finally time to come home you won’t have any regrets, and you’ll also still have lovely teeth. Take a manual brush with you and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll come back a few shades of white darker than you left with, which will mean having to wait a while before they sparkle again.

Philips travel case or Oral B travel case?

Sonicare Diamondclean travel casePhilips has made a name for itself by delivering high-quality and durable Sonicare travel cases. Their toothbrush travel cases cater to mid and high end clients. A basic Sonicare travel case can hold a Sonicare toothbrush when detached part by part. A more advanced one can hold two different brush heads in a single case at a go. They have simple designs with a sturdy body capable of securing the toothbrush inside it if you accidentally dropped it. Some Sonicare travel cases are small while others are a little big, but they will still fit in perfectly in your travel back. Additionally, they have small holes on the back for drying out a wet toothbrush head.

Oral B travel caseOn the other hand, Braun mostly provides their Oral B travel cases and toothbrushes in one package. For this reason, most of their toothbrushes are quite a bit expensive. Usually, an Oral B travel case will integrate a USB outlet for charging right from the case. There’s also a slim portable charger in the case you would like to carry it along with you on a trip. An oral B travel case comprises two parts; one for holding the brush that doubles as a guard for the switch and the other one which is a slide-on cover. It will also hold two heads and last for long enough before breaking.

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