DiamondClean Vs Flexcare Plus – Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush?

DiamondClean Vs Flexcare Plus

If you started using electric toothbrushes as soon as they hit the market, i.e a couple of years ago, then it is possible that you own a Sonicare Flexcare Plus. It has been the flagship top model electric toothbrush that has been flying off the shelves for quite some time now. It is thus not surprising that at a given point in our lives we have used this particular brand.




Modes of operation



Plaque remove

10x more than manual

2x more than manual

Brush strokes

31000 per minute

31000 per minute

UV sanitizer




Deluxe travel case with USB charger & sleek charging glass

Hard travel case


Whiter teeth in only one week

Complete gum care

One charge work

up to 3 weeks

up to 2 weeks

Check price

Check price

But there is a new entrant in the market that is threatening to disrupt the status quo. Going by the tag DiamondClean, this is the current Philips Sonicare topmost power toothbrush that your money can buy you. Which, of course, raises a dilemma among ardent Sonicare fans; which among the two high-end electric toothbrushes is superior or better? Should we all jump on the DiamondClean bandwagon and throw away of our previous Flexcare Plus brushes? Let’s see. 

The Features

A quick look at this picture

DiamondClean and Flexcare Plus operation modes

will reveal to you that both toothbrushes have 5 distinct modes of operation. However, instead of the conventional Massage and Refresh modes offered by the older Sonicare Flex Plus, the DiamondClean brings to the table a new array of White and Polish modes as an alternative. And the differences don’t end there.

DiamondClean being a newer model features the latest innovative charging technology that can even utilize a laptop USB port as a charging dock. This might seem fancy, but it can come in handy while you’re on the road.

But on the downside, the DiamondClean, unlike the Sonicare Flexcare Plus does not come with a bundled UV sanitizer. And this is in spite of being more expensive than the older Flex Plus. So in case you decide to settle for the newer model, you will have to buy a sanitizer separately. This could cost you anywhere between a paltry $10 and a significant wallet pinch of $30.


Operation-wise, the newer entrant is button operated by a conspiscous on/off button. The same knob is also used as the brush mode selector by half-pressing it. Which would also imply that a user can only change the brushing mode when the brush is working. This presents quite a challenge to those of us who cannot dial up through the brushing modes without spraying toothpaste all over the place. In other words, if you’re a messy user, you will be better off with Sonicare Flexcare Plus.


There are several reports that show that the DiamondClean is generally considered superior to the Flexcare Plus as far as cleaning perfomance goes. But this is it to be expected as the former is the newest redefined product from the company on the market at the moment. Additionally, Phillips also made sure that the DiamondClean had a new brush head design that cleans relatively better than the older version on the Flexcare Plus.

The Bottom Line – So Which Toothbrush Should I Choose?

If you are the market for the latest and the best electric toothbrush and you don’t mind paying a premium for it, then, by all means, go for the newer DiamondClean brush. However, be prepared to buy a separate sanitizer for your high-end toothbrush.

On the other hand, if you want something that works fairly well without being overly trendy or overpriced, then the Sonicare Flex Plus would be a better choice for you.

Sonicare DiamondClean

Sonicare Flexcare Plus

Sonicare DiamondClean

Sonicare Flexcare Plus

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