Oral-B Professional Care 3000 electric toothbrush review

Oral-B Professional Care 3000

Oral-B Professional Care 3000










          • - Dentists recommended
          • - Cleans teeth well
          • - Reasonable price


          • - Too loud
          • - A lot of time to fully charge

          Oral-B 3000 electric toothbrush has been available for years now and has thus been building a good reputation to become a leading brand. Their cleaning technology has got something to do with it as it offers their fans the best teeth cleaning experience, and then some. It also comes with well-researched features that make them stand out to be counted with the best electric toothbrush brands out there. Take a tour online and start your search by typing “Oral-B 3000 review” to get a feel of what hundreds of customers love about this brand. For one, their patented technology, the rotation oscillation is worth noting as it is purported to promote 3D cleaning. This is said to fight plaque from building up around the teeth and gum line which is the epitome of good oral health. This is what draws people to this brand as doctors highly recommend it and support the technology as it works wonders on teeth more so when compared to a manual toothbrush. The Oral-B company guarantees users a marked improvement on their dental health within 30 days of use. Oral-B Professional Care 3000 electric toothbrush

          Features of the Oral-B Professional Care 3000

          • Rotation oscillation technology.
          • 3D cleaning.
          • 3 brushing modes.
          • Pressure sensors.
          • Pulsing in-handle timer.
          • Rechargeable long lasting battery.
          • Small round brush heads that are changeable.
          • Indicator for fading bristles.


          • Oral-B professional care 3000 electric toothbrush has 40,000 movements that pulsate every single minute to effectively get rid of plaque. This is what promotes a healthy gum and teeth because nothing can stand in the way of such a force, leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling in your mouth.
          • The small round brush heads pulsate and rotate gently to remove plaque buildup 2x more effectively and efficiently than most electric and manual toothbrushes. This design makes this toothbrush perfect for kids with smaller mouths as they get to fit well.
          • The three brushing modes are the perfect addition to a teeth cleaning routine. The daily clean mode is set for 2 minutes, the standard time for cleaning only that in this case, there is nothing standard about this as it provides extraordinary cleaning. Sensitive mode is perfect for people with sensitive teeth and provides gentle strokes at lower speeds while the whitening mode is for polishing off the teeth for that extra cleaning and shine.
          • This brand of electric toothbrush is recommended by dentist for people with dental treatments in place like bridges. This is made possible by their small rounded bristles that “cup” around teeth while reaching in areas that manual toothbrushes can’t seem to.
          • Manual toothbrushes can be a health hazard to one’s gums as there is no way to control the pressure. That is eliminated by the pressure sensors on the Oral-B precision 3000 toothbrush which alert you when you are overdoing it to avoid doing harm to your gums (gum recession).
          • The smart timer beeps every 30 seconds 4 times to make to the recommended 2 minutes. Each beep tells you to move on to another area in order to cover the entire mouth effectively for smart cleaning.
          • The rechargeable battery lasts for over 7 days which makes it perfect for travelling as you won’t have to carry the charging station around.
          • To maintain optimum performance, the toothbrush comes with indicators to show when the bristles start to wear out. Getting a new brush head that is compatible with your electric toothbrush is vital.
          • A waterproof user-friendly rechargeable handle adds to the package with its readable display to show you the brushing modes.
          • This brand is cheaper than most electric toothbrushes making them accessible to most people who would otherwise be stuck with manual brushing. They also last for years if one replaces the brush heads as required.


          • The display light that indicates when one is using too much pressure while brushing can be annoying at first especially in a darker bathroom. However, one gets used to it with time and actually come to appreciate the warning.
          • The design of the storage unit makes it problematic to clean as it has curves that are hard to reach. This can compromise the cleanliness of the toothbrush. The little cavities at the base of the toothbrush where the bristles are attached make it hard to clean too which can accumulate grime.
          • Some Oral-B professional care 3000 review seem to indicate that the toothbrush takes a lot of time to fully charge its battery. This is as opposed to the time indicated on the package.
          • Some people find the toothbrush to be too loud especially coming from manual toothbrushes that hardly makes any noise except for the brushing.


          Overall verdict

          The pros clearly have it as the cons are too few to deter one from using such a product that promises to clean your teeth like no other. They are also guaranteed to promote the health of your gums by cleaning them gently. The exceptional features make it worth a buy more so since it is cost-effective when compared to other electric toothbrush brands.

          The Oral-B professional care 3000 power toothbrush is perfect for people with dental issues like gum disease, dental treatments and orthodontics. This is because the toothbrush does not interfere with them makes this brand a doctor’s favorite as it does the job. It also improves the oral health for most people who have been struggling to find products that are sensitive enough for their gums and teeth. Using Oral-B’s electric brand has been shown to post some improvement within 30 days of correct and consistent usage. The brush heads are compatible with the many available options provided for your electric toothbrush. This gives you the opportunity to try out different brands in order to find your best fit. You can also have as many heads as you like to switch them up depending on your needs to promote a healthy mouth. The charging unit is large enough to serve as the storage for additional brush heads to help you avoid clutter. Clean the brush heads in your dishwasher as they are safe to do so to maintain cleanliness by getting rid of accumulated grime. All these factors combine to make Oral-B 3000 electric toothbrush a good addition for your oral cleaning routine.

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