Philips Sonicare HX6972 Flexcare Plus review

Philips Sonicare Flexcare+

Philips Sonicare Flexcare+










          • - Cleans teeth well
          • - Lightweight and ergonomic
          • - Awesome design
          • - Long battery life


          • - Not durable
          • - So expensive


          Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus brand of electric toothbrush is uniquely known for its sonic technology which is patented and guarantees a thorough cleaning of the teeth. This technology enables the bristles of the toothbrush to vibrate at supersonic speeds which not only cleans thoroughly but also drives fluid between the spaces of the teeth to make the cleaning process complete by invigorating the gums.

          This has made the brand popular with many users as this technology is proven clinically to be more effective and efficient at cleaning teeth as opposed to using a manual toothbrush. Philips also assures users that it effectively prevents disease on gums while also improving already existing disease. They are also known for their ability to go easy on the gum to ease their bleeding and curtailing gum recession.

          Philips Sonicare HX6972 Flexcare Plus

          Features of the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus

          • 2 contoured heads that are.
          • 5 brushing modes.
          • Illuminated LED display.
          • Sonic technology.
          • UV sanitizer.
          • Sleek design and light in weight (8 ounces).
          • Quad pacer and smart timer.
          • Long battery life.
          • Two modes of replaceable heads.



          • The Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus rechargeable toothbrush comes with contoured heads are the perfect feature for effectively ridding the gum line of plaque. This design adds to their efficiency as they fit in the mouth perfectly.
          • The 5 modes enable users customize their brushing experience to suit their needs. Gum Care, sensitive, clean, massage and refresh mode boosts the overall oral health. The massage, sensitive and gum Care are for taking care of the gums while the Clean and Refresh are for teeth and the entire mouth.
          • A backlit display shows the selected mode when the toothbrush is on. This also adds to the design as it lights when on and goes off when not in use for a flawless finish. This makes the design stand out a esthetically.
          • The sonic technology is the number one selling factor as it cleans effortlessly while driving fluid between the teeth to sooth aching or diseased gums. This takes the effort from reaching hard to reach areas when using the manual toothbrush.
          • It is the perfect accessory for people with gum disease as medical research proves that it improves their health in only 2 weeks of use. The bristles are gentle enough for the gums which curtail their bleeding promoting oral health and comfortable chewing.
          • The smart timer ensures people take good care to clean their teeth by going the full 2 minutes that’s recommended for the chore. The quad pacer is the perfect companion when brushing your teeth as it goes off after every 30 seconds to promote the efficient cleaning of the 4 sections of the mouth.
          • The sleek design on both Philips Sonicare Hx6972 Flexcare Plus rechargeable electric toothbrush and Philips Sonicare hx6930 have sleeker designs to allow ease of use while brushing the teeth.
          • The battery life stays for up to 3 weeks when used for 2 minutes, twice a day after charging for 24hours. Although completely unnecessary, you can leave the toothbrush on the charger after brushing for your peace of mind.
          • The replaceable heads should be replaced after 3 months. The package comes with two brush heads in 2 sizes to enables users experience 2 different modes. You can then replace according to your needs or preference once done with these.
          • The UV sanitizer is a good addition for killing the germs if the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus reviews are anything to go by. The bulb lasts for 18 hours as reported by Philips and should be used once every day which takes around 10 minutes to complete.
          • The package comes with a travel pack that includes a travel charger and travel kit which is unnecessary if the toothbrush is well charged since the charge lasts for at least 3 weeks.


          • Most Sonicare Flexcare Plus reviews seem to indicate that plenty of people find the price to be a little steep when compared to other brands. This is also true when the cost of the brush heads which have to be replaced frequently.
          • There is no proof to indicate that the additional features like the extra cleaning modes have any major impact on the teeth cleaning process. However, some users seem to disagree and swear by the added benefits of each additional mode.
          • The toothbrush is susceptible to mold buildup if not dried well. This seems to be an ongoing problem that has been passed on from one brand to another. Using the UV sanitizer after the last brushing of the day should however, alleviate this nuisance. Always make sure to crosscheck to make sure the head is completely dry.


          Overall verdict

          Overall, the Sonicare Flexcare brand does a good job at promoting oral health which gives many people a reason to smile thanks to their clean teeth. The Philips Sonicare Hx6972 Flexcare Plus rechargeable electric toothbrush is especially a better upgrade coming from its predecessor the Philips Sonicare Hx6930. All the best features have been upgraded to improve the experience for healthy teeth and gums.

          The 5 modes for instance, not only ensure that the 2 minutes for brushing through the clean mode is boosted by 4 others like refresh and gum care which add an extra 1 minute each for that polished finish. The sensitive and massage modes are for people with sensitive gums, which need to be cleaned gently along its line.

          Every Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus review you come across online seems to rave about the excellent features on this line of products. It cleans like a dream while one doesn’t use any energy moving the brush as is the case with manual toothbrushes that require energy and force which can hurt sensitive teeth and gums.

          You only need to turn your electric toothbrush on and move it around your mouth while it cleans without needing any effort on your part. Make sure to turn the toothbrush on when in the mouth to avoid the toothpaste from splashing allover due to the supersonic sounds on this brand.


          That said, the toothbrush is worth the extra cash as aside from the fact that it is recommended by doctors, it actually does its job 101%.

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