Conair Interplak electric toothbrush review

Conair Interplak

Conair Interplak










          • - Reasonable price
          • - High reliability
          • - Recommended by dentists


          • - Rapid discharge
          • - Difficult to buy replacement heads

          The Conair Interplak (NT11) Toothbrush is an electric power toothbrush that is designed to remove plaque and fight gum disease through innovative technology that fights microscopic bacteria that can destroy teeth and gums. It is packed with technology that separates it from competitor electric toothbrushes. A daily regimen that includes the Conair Interplak will produce results that will improve oral hygiene and overall bodily health.

          Features of the Conair Interplak Toothbrush

          The Conair Interplak NT11 Toothbrush is a rechargeable electric toothbrush that provides the teeth with cleaning and polishing while simultaneously massaging the gums. The brush head features eight counter rotating tufts of bristles that work together to remove tough deposits of plaque. The tufts are tapered to penetrate in tight spots between the teeth and to gently work into the gum line, where harmful bacteria can build up and lead to gum disease. The bristles are stiff enough to polish plaque off of teeth, but gentle enough to allow users with dental implants and sensitive teeth to brush with confidence. If the user applies too much pressure on the brush, it will stop, preventing the brushes from harming gums and dental work.

          Conair Interplak electric toothbrush

          The Interplak Electric Toothbrush is completely rechargeable, powered by a long-life lithium ion battery. A charging dock is included and is water-resistant so it can be conveniently located in the bathroom with the toothbrush. An indicator light will notify the user if the battery needs to be charged and when it is done charging. The brush head is removable and replacement heads are available for separate purchase. Replacement heads come in twin packs with a color band around the base of the head so two people can use the brush with separate heads.

          Replacement heads for Conair Interplak

          The handle is ergonomic for comfortable brushing and is grippy enough for hands of all sizes to have full control over the brush.


          • The combined cleaning, polishing and massaging of the brush head is perfect for children still developing good brushing habits.
          • Adults that want to maintain the health of their teeth as they age will benefit from the consistent cleaning and polishing performance of the brush head.
          • Brush head tufts are designed to attack plaque while remaining comfortable for users with sensitive teeth.
          • The rotating and oscillating action of the brush head increases plaque removal and reduces gingivitis.
          • The Interplak is safe for use on dental work and braces as it relies on brush head technology to remove plaque, not brute force of the electric motor like competitors do.
          • Auto shut-off feature is a safety feature that prevents the user from damaging their mouth.
          • Interplak replacement heads are of the same brush head connection design as Conair’s other electric toothbrushes, so replacement heads from other models will fit the Interplak.
          • Brush heads are easily removed in seconds.
          • Easy to clean thanks to lack of plastic seams and ridges where toothpaste can build up.
          • Grip is made of silicon that can be rinsed in the sink to clean.
          • Sealed brush head design prevents toothpaste from seeping into the rotating mechanism of the brush, increasing toothbrush lifetime.


          • Brush may feel underpowered compared to competitor’s brushes because competitors rely on overpowered motors and inferior brush heads to attempt plaque removal.
          • Users may take time to getting used to the massaging brush heads because it actually goes into the gum line, unlike competitor’s brushes.
          • Does not include an ultrasonic chip like other competitors.
          • The lithium ion battery can take over 24 hours to fully recharge.
          • Brush head shaft might be too thick and uncomfortable for users with small mouths.
          • Replacement brush heads are expensive and difficult to find in stores.
          • Conair is discontinuing production of the Interplak to begin introduction of new models.

          Overall verdict

          The Conair Interplak Toothbrush is an excellent electric toothbrush that will provide users with years of deep teeth cleaning. The safety features of the Interplak are innovative and allow the brush to be used by people that would traditionally not be able to use an electric toothbrush. The ease of use, relatively long life battery and replaceable heads make the Conair a must-have toothbrush for the person looking to keep their teeth healthy for a long time.

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