Rotadent Plus electric toothbrush review

Rotadent Plus

Rotadent Plus










          • - Awesome design
          • - Travel bag


          • - Bad battery
          • - Difficult to use
          • - Very expensive
          • - Bad users reviews

          One of the electric toothbrush brands on the market is Rotadent. It has been a major comparison to the top brands, Oral B and Sonicare. Rotadent has received several recommendations from dentists worldwide. One common aspect of the Rotadent electric toothbrushes is that they have a unique design with filaments that are tightly packed. This allows them to get through the spaces between the teeth, where most of the germs and dirt are found. One of the top models of these toothbrushes is the Rotadent Plus Toothbrush.

          Features of the Rotadent Plus toothbrush

          This is an electric toothbrush that has been designed basically to make it easier to clean the teeth, without exerting much pressure. Here are some of the common features of the toothbrush.

          • 3 disposable brush heads.
          • A two-minute timer that is split into quad intervals of 30 seconds each.
          • Three brushing modes, which are the normal, orthodontic and sensitive care.
          • A power brush grip and a handle with an easy and comfortable grip.
          • Inter-teeth cleaners.
          • An elastic travel bag for carrying the toothbrush and its accessories.
          • A charge base along with a cord.
          • 3 different rings.
          • A brush head holder.

          Rotadent Plus electric toothbrush

          The brush has micro-filaments at the head, which has been designed to get down to the line of your gum and also between your teeth.
          It is small and generally has compact. The toothbrush weight abut 1.4 pounds and it has also been designed with a relatively smaller size and neck.

          It has a battery, which is rechargeable via the charging base. The charger will be able to charge up the brush, which you can then use easily. In addition to that, the base is flat and wide enough to support the brush as it is charging.

          The three changeable heads are available, which can be replaced whenever. They are placed in a holder that is at the back of the toothbrush holder. A plastic holder is available to hold the three toothbrush heads. You can change them whenever one has worn our filaments. The brush heads are also tiny enough, besides them having micro-filaments.

          Rotadent Plus brush heads types

          The three mode speed modes will work flexibly in any condition. Most of the times, the speed mode will be used according to the condition of the user. You will either use the sensitive, normal and orthodontic care, with regard to the state and condition of the toothbrush. The more critical your teeth condition is, the faster the speed mode.

          The Travel bag is big and elastic enough. This has been designed to keep the toothbrush along with the accessories. This comes handy, especially if you are on-the-go. The bag carries all the accessories and anything relevant.

          In case you need to charge the toothbrush, you will need to wait for it to drain completely. If you charge it before it has drained totally, it may not charge as you expect. This may have a fake battery charge, which may die in the long run.


          • Micro-filament brush heads. These help to easily clean the teeth on the base of the gum and also in between the teeth.
          • Kills Bacteria. The toothbrush has been medically proven to be able to limit the lethal bacteria count. Basically, the brush helps to treat and prevent gingivitis and dental plaque, which are the common defects of the teeth.
          • A self timer. The timer helps to reduce the pressure that you would use to brush your teeth. Another thing about the timer is that it sustains a uniform brushing experience. This is because of the intervals that are divided into 30 seconds each.
          • Different cleaning modes. The three cleaning modes allow the user to use to be flexible while using the brush. It is basically meant for anyone interested in keeping their teeth healthy.
          • Guaranteed. The toothbrush comes with a warranty, however, you will need to buy it from a certified dentist. In case you buy it from anyone on the market.
          • An elastic travel bag. This bag helps you not just to carry the toothbrush, but also carry along other accessories like the charger, the brush heads, along with any other relevant item. It is elastic enough, which means it can expand to allow you to store more items.
          • It has a great design. The toothbrush has also been designed uniquely, with a compact size, allowing you to handle it easily as you are brushing.


          Even though the Rotadent Electric Toothbrush is a common competitor of the top electric toothbrush, it has a number of drawbacks, compared to the leading brands. Here are the common disadvantages of the toothbrush.

          • It gives out a louder sound when you are using it. This is one of the major drawbacks that is uncomfortable to the users.
          • It is quite expensive. A number of customers have complained about the price of the brush, in relation to its quality.
          • It is slightly challenging to fix the brush heads. The brush heads are difficult to attach and detach, which may challenge the first time users.
          • Battery issues. You will not be able to leave the brush on the charging base, mostly because of the weak battery. In addition, the battery will drain faster, compared to the other leading brands.
          • Slow response on the power button. The power button has a slower response, which might need you to press it in severally before it can stop. The brush might not be the perfect choice if you are in a rush.

          Another common complaint by most of the customers is that the majority of the toothbrushes they had were fake and had poor quality. This is most probably because of the models that are not sold by certified dentists.

          Overall verdict

          The Rotadent electric toothbrush is a decent toothbrush that can help you have healthy teeth, free from bacteria. The quality design is one of the attractive aspect of the toothbrush. Nevertheless, it is a rush that is not waterproof. That means that the brush might corrode, which can be lethal to the health. Another thing is that it has a poor battery, so you will not really enjoy if you are brushing for too long. All in all, it is a modest toothbrush that won’t fail you as such.

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            1. They sold me 2, non working units. I bought 4 total, and then it was really a pain to get all of the documentation to have them replaced. Expensive and not a good company. A real disappointment

            2. I am speaking about Rotodent. I don’t advise you to buy from this company. They should have been ashamed to sell me 4 units, 2 of which did not work and then to make me go get receipts to replace or repair. Had I sold 2 defective units I would try to compensate the customer and review my product!

            3. Has anyone had issues with the heads not working. I owned my original model for over 8 yrs. it was great. Stopped working and company did honor the lifetime replacement after sending me a new battery that didn’t work only to instruct me to return old unit and they replaced that. The new one was junk. I was sent 2 replacement heads due to the fact when the unit touched my teeth they would stop turning. I’m getting ready to return my third head. This is rediculous! They’re asking me if I use gel toothpaste and if I’ve ever used baking soda. I do not! I would never recommend the product to anyone due to the aggravation it’s caused! They’re very good about replacing the heads but I’ve spent more time returning and waiting for the product then I have using it!!!!!!!

            4. bought it for the lifetime warranty but when i needed a replacement they told me the lifetime warranty was for the lifetime of the brush, not my lifetime, which makes no sense at all. Its no warranty.

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